What is CPD?

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the maintenance, improvement and broadening of your knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for execution of professional and technical duties throughout your working life. It combines the approaches, techniques and ideas that will help you manage your own learning and development. It focuses on outcomes and results. Where do you want to be, and how will you get there?


Everything L&DI offers will help you in your personal professional development, including our education programmes, events and networking opportunities, mentorship programme, Panel of Experts, research publications, and our bank of useful resources.

Objectives of CPD 

  • Improve your capacity to develop your technical and scientific knowledge
  • Maintain and develop your professional knowledge, skills and competence
  • Improve your personal and ethical capacities 
  • Ensure that you fulfill your responsibilities, tasks and duties
  • Improve your performance in your current role
  • Enable you to take on new roles
  • Boost your career prospects with current employers or in current practice
  • Support your career progression to new employers or different practices

    To get a quick and clear idea of what CPD involves, have a look at our CPD Activities & Evidence Overview.